Over the past few weeks we have been going over our vision statement: To be a team of authentic worshippers who are committed to loving God, loving people and using our musical gifts to serve the church with passion and excellence.

I have been really challenged on the aspect of being an authentic worshipper – and what this means for us as a team and as individuals. One of the areas I believe God is challenging us in is in the power of our words. As I was musing about this during the week, Simon Benham posted this blog – http://http//www.simonbenham.com/2011/02/encouragement-how-many-floors.html

Interesting stuff! And so I throw this challenge out to us all – are your words taking people up or down in their lift? I think this can apply in two ways – what we say to their face and what we say behind their back. There is nothing more soul destroying as a leader than to hear tenth-hand that someone is hurting or upset, that they have an issue or that you are in their bad-books. What do you do with that? Do you ignore it or try to deal with it? Is there any truth or is it just gossip? I would much rather someone came to discuss any difficulties they had with me than discussed it with half a dozen other people who are then dragged down too!

I think it is quite possible to have conversations with people where we discuss the hard stuff but can still leave all parties feeling up instead of down. I think gossip is deadly; I think back-biting is powerfully destructive – but I think honesty and openness are the things which strong relationships are built on. Over the years my husband and I have had to have some pretty tough conversations – but only by bringing things into the light can issues be dealt with. If things are left to fester in the dark – all manner of goo can go untreated!!

The process of sanctification is one of becoming more and more like Christ. Jesus was known for bringing life to the people he encountered. he wasn’t afraid to say tough things or to challenge people when needed – but ultimately, his words brought life even in the darkest situation.

So let’s be a team of people who encourage each other, who speak words of life and who challenge each other well without the gossiping and negative discussions which can cause huge riffs to develop and hurts to go unsolved.

Let’s be worshippers with real authenticity and integrity.