Last night Sola Osinioki, Jacqui Webber-Gant and Suzie Powell came to join us for our team time. The first part of our vision statement is to Love God: as part of that we are conscious that what we do should be Spirit filled and Spirit led. Inviting people to minister to us who have prophetic gifting opened that up to us in a fresh way. There were a number of specific words that they brought to us last night but I wanted to highlight a couple of them here for you to mediatate on.

Firstly, Jacqui brought a word about Sabbath. For us as a team, Sundays can be a crazy day – but God’s principle of sabbath is one we shouldn’t neglect. Individually and as a team I believe we need to heed this word. That we need to take time to rest in God and rest on God. Interestingly, one of the main things ‘Kingdom Culture’ planned to incorporate in next week’s worship set was space. Space to dwell in God’s presence, take time to reflect on what he has done and who he is. Yesterday during Revolution, one of the band members asked if we could do the same thing in their worship set on Sunday evening. Do you think God might be trying to tell us something??????

The other thing was about being Real. Sola encouraged us to be real in our teams, to be real with each other but also to be real as worshippers. He played a song which focused amazingly clearly on the world be live in; the realities of being in a global culture – and the fact that God is still God in all circumstances. We can and should praise God through all things, but we need to be real within that.
Many of you will have heard the news about the earthquake in Japan which happened this morning. THIS IS REAL!!! This is real people, real lives affected – but we serve a real God who cares about this.
So I encourage you to not retreat into the Christian bubble when you come into church. We are not called to live in a bubble, we are called to live in the world (but not of the world!). Why don’t you take time out today to pray for the people affected by this earthquake, to ask God to reach out, but through it all let’s remember to ‘Praise ye the Lord’. He is worthy!