well guys, this blog post starts with an apology. It has yet again been way too long since I updated the blog. I have no excuse!!! And I did say in September that I would keep up to date. Luckily I oversee a team of Christians – so grace will abound I’m sure šŸ˜‰

Anyway…. the last few months have seen a steady stream of amazing things… The Willow Creek GLS (which was awesome!!!!!!), Sunday meetings, prayer meetings, Serenje Sunday (see the Serenje blog for more details) and a host of other things. I just want to say again how amazing this team is to embrace and run with so many events, to do so in good spirit, with dedication and excellent in order to see God worshipped and glorified. You rock!

The next season brings with it more exciting stuff. This week we will move from three Sunday bands to four. This will mean minimal disruption as we have welcomed 8 new members to the team so far this term. God is continuing to grow and bless us as a team which I am continuing to thank him for. Let us never become closed to new people, comfortable to the point of exclusivity or closed-minded to whatever new thing God is bringing our way.

On that note…. the worship leaders met last month and spent much of the time in prayer. We feel very strongly that God is bringing us into a time of fresh anointing; of a revival in the prophetic and in the Holy Spirit raising up new things. What does this mean?? Honestly, I have no idea.. other than God has it in hand. What I would encourage every member of team to do, every member of our community infact, is to seek God with everything you have. Put him first in all things. Worship passionately and honestly both in and out of church. Read your bible and chat to God about every detail of your day. And be expectant. Let’s raise our faith level that God is on the move in a powerful way in Kerith and in Bracknell. That we will see lives changed, people healed, the broken restored, miracles happen and most importantly of all – our amazing glorious, unfathomable God praised.

Oh yeah, and I’ll see you all tomorrow for practice šŸ™‚

Love and hugs
H xxx