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In July 2011 we released the 5 track CD, ‘Magnanimous’ – you can download the whole CD for free from the Kerith Community Church website or from our Facebook page (to the right of the screen). This is the title track, along with a number of resources to help you learn the song:

Magnanimous Chord Chart (.doc)

Magnanimous Chord Chart (.pdf)

Magnanimous Sheet Music (.pdf)

Magnanimous Electric Guitar TAB

Magnanimous (Bass Riff)


Look to the skies
Displaying his majesty
The stars in the night
Tell of his great beauty

He rules over all
He holds all creation in His hands
The first and the last
His power knows no bounds

And this same God
Came to us
You are good
You are

You are so glorious
You are all powerful
You’re God
So indescribable
Who can compare to You
How wonderful is Your great love

His voice it strikes fear
His reign lasts eternally
Yet still He draws near
Revealing His great mercy

His plan is supreme
He gave His own son to die for me
The hope of the world
Jesus secured our destiny

Words and Music by Stuart Bryan