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‘Drawing Near’ is one of the songs on the upcoming Kerith Worship CD, ‘This is Love’. We’re conscious that it’s not always possible to play songs with a large band in every setting, so we want to provide you with acoustic arrangements of the songs so you can use them in your small groups, prayer meetings or to worship by yourself at home. The chord charts are below – we hope you find this beneficial; please share this with anyone you think would also benefit from it!

Drawing Near Chord Chart (.doc)

Drawing Near Chord Chart (.pdf)

Drawing Near

You are all I need
Strength for the weak
Comfort for the lonely
You are the answer to my cry
The One who holds my life
With arms that cradle all eternity

I’m here to rest in your presence
I have full assurance that you are
That I’ll find rest in your Spirit
There your hand will guide me;
You are drawing near to me

You are the power that will stand
Through Satan’s darkest plan
Lord you have the victory
You are the steadfast hope within
Forgiveness for my sin
Lord you are my certainty

Holy Spirit
It’s your presence that I seek
Holy Spirit
You are drawing near to me