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It was August 2008. Bradford, UK. I remember praying for the first time in over a decade and begging God to transform my life. The worship band, RPM, were playing a song of theirs called ‘Thank You For The Cross’ and as they built into the simple chorus of “thank You, thank You for the cross, for the cross”, I felt the Holy Spirit fall on me in a way that I had never experienced before. Ever since then, I’ve been passionate about worshipping in a corporate setting with music, because personally, that’s when God often speaks to me the most. On Sunday night, God met with me again, notably more powerfully than usual…which prompted me to ask the following question:

When has God most impacted you?

It doesn’t have to be during a corporate worship time, or even with music. We heard a story from our friends in Albania recently of a girl who found Jesus through watching Hillsong videos on YouTube. So when has God most impacted you?

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