The Christmas season is approaching. Fast.

Before I write any more, it’s crucial for us to remember that Jesus is ‘the reason for the season.’ Every aspect of the year from presents, Christmas dinners, trees and decorations (and all the other details that contribute to what we love about Christmas) are all lovely things in themselves, but are nothing more if we forget why we’re celebrating in the first place. We’re celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Jesus was fully God, who came to this world and took human form in order to die for our sins and ultimately bridge the divide between us and God; something that was of our own doing in the first place. That’s worth celebrating!

However, whilst our focus remains the same, we all love to buy presents for friends and family – there’s nothing like seeing the expressions on people’s faces as they open the gift you’ve bought for them (providing they like the gift, of course). I thought I’d try to help the present buying process by compiling a list of five of my favourite worship albums of 2011. Below is a link to where you can buy them, along with a YouTube link so you can hear a sample of one of the songs off of each album for free:



1. Hillsong United – Aftermath   YouTube

2. Jesus Culture – Awakening   YouTube

3. Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons   YouTube

4. Hillsong – God Is Able   YouTube

5. Elevation – For The Honor   YouTube


I must stress that a) these are not necessarily the views of the other guys in the worship team, this is purely based on my opinion! b) There are many CDs missed out on here, such as Tim Hughes and Worship Central, not to mention many CDs from 2010 and earlier that still really deserve honourable mentions due to their brilliance! Having said that, this is a top five!

Don’t forget that you can also get a copy of ‘Magnanimous’, the Kerith Worship CD for free from the Kerith Community Church bookshop or online at the Kerith Website…and of course don’t forget that This Is Love’ will be available for free from the 11th!

Dave Betts

(I’ve put my name on this post so you can hunt me down and thank me or fight me for my opinions of the top five!! Alternatively, feel free to comment on this blog with some of your own recommendations or suggestions)