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At the time of writing the song, I remember thinking about how lots of the popular songs we were singing as a church worldwide were becoming more focussed on ourselves. The content of them seemed to centre on us as individuals, our own personal guilt and shame in comparison to Jesus’ wonderful grace which he extends to us. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this; some of my favourite songs are based upon this theme and we need to remind ourselves every day of the price Jesus paid for us as sinners. However, when the church chooses to focus more on this aspect of our salvation than other aspects, the effect can be crippling. The church can adopt a ‘victim’ attitude which renders us helpless and inactive due to our overwhelming sense of inadequacy and guilt. I wanted to shift the focus and remind us as a church that we are called to something bigger than ourselves: to see people far from God be brought into his loving family. Hence the structure of the song:

(Verse) ‘We’ve seen you move, we’ve seen your power…’ – the verse speaks of all God has done: His power, His love and His faithfulness in our lives.  One thing that is important about this song is that it isn’t dependent upon what God will do in this moment or in the future but upon what He has already done. The truth is that Jesus is ever faithful and will continue to move in our lives but even if He didn’t, the amount He has already done is staggering and wonderful and worthy of our worship.

(Chorus) ‘We’ll be bold and tell all the world…’ – On the back of all Jesus has done we must ask ourselves what is our response to this? How can we not accept the mission He gives us through the Great Commission? Why wouldn’t we share all of this with others?

(Bridge) ‘We will not be afraid, we will not be discouraged…’ For many it is fear which prevents us from sharing our faith with others;  however, through the bridge of the song, which is taken from the Book of Joshua when God states ‘Be strong and very courageous’, we are reminded that ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ We can be confident in our evangelism because we are confident in our Creator.

Throughout the song there is a lot of repetition of ‘We’ which is purposeful. I don’t deny that moments of worship can be intimate and personal but at the same time our God is relational and the reason we gather together is so we can worship as a community, ‘This is our God, Jesus our King’ as united believers. I am passionate about the church worshipping together and so instead of choosing to sing ‘I’ve seen you move…’, there is more power in proclaiming ‘We’ve seen you move…’. When we declare ‘To see the lost reclaimed// To see this nation saved’ it can be fairly overwhelming for just one person. However when you remind yourself that you have a God who is fighting for you and that you are part of the family of the church then anything seems possible. I hope this song fills us with joy and hope as we worship together in community and that as a church we will lift our gaze to God’s vision as we sing.

Stuart Bryan