I’m constantly staggered by the quality of our youth band. It’s an immense privilege to spend time with such passionate, spiritually and musically solid young men and women of God in our Revolution rehearsals. Every Thursday the team of around 25 people gathers to rehearse and praise Jesus together, preparing to lead worship at LIFE with a real focus on their Saviour. I’m very proud of them. On Sunday, Revolution will be using their gifts in a new challenge.

Leading our kids group in worship. 

Konstruction Krew, our Sunday group for 5-11s is also going from strength to strength. Children are entering into relationships with Jesus on an almost weekly basis, which is incredible. From Sunday, Revolution will be evolving, leading worship to the children at Kerith Community Church on a monthly basis as well as leading the teenagers at LIFE on a Friday night. I personally can’t wait to see what God will do! Revolution have an exuberance that is simply infectious. Let’s pray as a community that through Revolution, Jesus will meet with our youngsters in powerful ways. We have all sorts of ideas lined up for our kids worship in the coming months and I know that Revolution will be right in the thick of it. Exciting times ahead; what a privilege to be a part of it!