We have the privilege of hosting 11 people at Kerith Academy this year, giving a year of their life to serve the church and develop their relationship with God. This academic year we have four Lithuanians on the team. They’re crazy. You can see two of them from a previous update at the bottom of the page with Beth Findlay (another Academy student). Here are some of Marija Kamarauskaite’s thoughts on worship below:

Worship is a key part of my life. Because my parents and I are musicians, music is a real focus in our lives. We live it, play it, write it and earn our living through it. But worship isn’t just music. Worship is a relationship – a way to both connect and experience God and the Holy Spirit and music can help us to worship. Music is like a language to me – so when I worship, I speak, I experience, I sing, I dance, I put my all into it. I try to concentrate on one thing – God. Because then I have one on one time with Him. And it’s not just us giving everything to God during worship…He speaks, He works for us, He blesses us, He changes us, He shows His love and grace for us over and over again. Try it, when you really set yourself up to worship God and ignore all the distractions that the devil sets to keep you away from worshipping, surely God will come and show Himself to you in so many different ways! What helps me is thinking that I am alone with Him at that moment and just sharing my heart with Him. Sharing all my thanks, praise, worship, needs, hurt – everything. All of my heart and my life I give to Him again and again and again FOREVER. J