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One of the things we occasionally do as a team is lead worship at our church plant in Melle, France. Led by Howard and Elizabeth Reece-Smith, one of the most inspirational couples I have ever met, the church meets once a month (in English), often with a speaker and worship leader from Bracknell. You can find out more about the church plant here.

On Saturday, Liam Parker and I will accompany Ben Davies to Melle for Sunday’s meeting. While we’re there, I’ll have the privilege of leading worship and Liam, our Youth Pastor, will meet with various people to talk about youth work in the area. Ben, of course, will be preaching and sharing his considerable experience in church leadership – having led Kerith Community Church for 43 years before handing its leadership over to Simon, he’s got plenty to talk about! I’m excited about the foundations that are being built in Melle and as always, look forward to seeing what God will do there. Next week, I’ll post some pictures so you can see what is happening there for yourself!