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We have the privilege of hosting 11 people at Kerith Academy this year, giving a year of their life to serve the church and develop their relationship with God. This academic year we have four Lithuanians on the team. They’re crazy. You can see two of them from a previous update at the bottom of the page with Beth Findlay (another Academy student). Here are some of Kristina Jurkute’s thoughts on worship below:

Worship is not singing, dancing, painting or something else. All of those things are expressions of worship. Worship is a connection; a relationship that we have with God. Worship is all about that relationship and connection to Him and to His presence. You see the music, the words and all the instruments, without His presence would be just noise.

For me worship is a lifestyle. When I go and I see all things in nature that surround me, I just can’t stop worshipping God for who He is, how He made things and most importantly how much and strongly He loves me. I’m not a perfect singer, but God gave me a voice to sing and ears to hear. So I think He created me like that on purpose. Singing is my favourite expression of worship. I love to sing my love songs to Him and praise His name. And it doesn’t matter if one day I would lose my voice, I would just find another expression to worship Him.