REAL 2012 is over. However, it would be a shame to finish it without an opportunity for those that didn’t get to be there to see the opening media that we made. It’s funny how we often take pieces like this for granted but the amount of work that goes into around 6 minutes of a two day conference is staggering. Months of planning, story-boarding, filming, arranging and rehearsing all went into the preparation for it and it seemed to go pretty well! One of the best parts of creating an opener for a conference is planning how we can top it next time!

The REAL 2012 opener is below, but I also thought it would be quite fun to make the original storyboard available for you to see so you can see how close (or far) to the mark we ended up! Underneath the video, I’ll put a few extra extra techie-type bits about how we did it for those that are interested. Enjoy!


We split the DVD audio – panning the track all the way to the right and the metronome click all the way to the left. This meant that we could send the click to the drummer’s headphones (ensuring we were in time with the video) whilst the backing track (opening pads, cello, ensemble strings) could be played from the front of house speakers.

The pre-song audio was arranged with Sibelius and recorded in Logic Pro whilst the video was edited using Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects software. We often get questions asking how we do certain things and are more than happy to answer any – we have benefitted hugely from churches much further ahead of us technologically being very open about how they do what they do. Feel free to email me at for any information or leave a comment below!